The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Seneca Sandusky and Wyandot Counties, in partnership with the CARSA Prevention Coalition, is pleased to announce the creation of Safe Serve. Safe Serve is a virtual/online training that promotes the legal and responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages through teaching safe serving techniques. The Safe Serve educational course ensures CARSA’s commitment to facilitate education and awareness for alcohol permit holders in Seneca County and recognizes CARSA’s role in encouraging and promoting responsibility when selling and serving alcohol.

The Safe Serve virtual course takes approximately 90 minutes, and it can be completed at any time. The work is automatically saved if a person does not have the time to complete the course in one session. This is an interactive course that includes education, case scenarios, multiple quizzes, and a final test. The course topics include responsible alcohol service, minors and age verification, physical effects of alcohol, and intoxication. A Safe Serve certificate will be received by the person completing the course.

The Safe Serve virtual course will be implemented in two phases, beginning with the Seneca County bars and restaurants (Phase 1). Interested Seneca County businesses will be given the opportunity to have up to three (3) employees trained in the course at no cost to the employer or the employee. Businesses interested in participating in the Safe Serve program should call the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board at 419-448-0640 to receive their free codes and further instructions.

The Safe Serve program will be available in the next few months to all other alcohol-serving businesses located in Seneca County, such as gas stations, golf courses, grocery stores, etc (Phase 2). A press release will be published when the virtual educational course will open to Phase 2 businesses. Our hope is that local businesses will take advantage of the Safe Serve program and partner with us to reduce underage drinking and alcohol misuse in our community.


Mircea Handru, MBA
Executive Director