Our Goals

  1. Revitalize the current crisis system by implementing and providing the most efficient behavioral health emergency care, based on resources provided.
  2. Develop, implement and make available resources to enhance the care for children involved in multiple systems.
  3. Increase public awareness and education related to behavioral health and board funded services.

Healthy, stigma-free communities with resources that support recovery.

Establish high quality, innovative, cost effective and culturally sensitive mental health and addiction services.

Promote healthy and drug-free communities.

Ensure quality mental health and addictions services.

Financially accountable and outcome driven.

Promote culturally sensitive and innovative services.


Action Steps

1. Renew levies in all three counties.

Action: Propose a levy campaign budget.
Action: Form a Levy Campaign Committee.
Action: Establish levy campaign goals and implement them.

2. Expand diversity among Board Members.

Action: Collaborate with local minority groups and other groups to recruit.
Action: Meet with potential candidates.
Action: Recommend potential candidates.

3. Expand services and resources to culturally diverse populations.

Action: Provide outreach and resources to culturally diverse populations.
Action: Assist in recruiting and retaining therapists of diverse cultures.
Action: Collaborate with Life Enhancement Services of Ohio, LLC. to expand services.
Action: Expand outreach to minority populations in Fostoria and Upper Sandusky.

4. Increase Board Members’ awareness of resources, services, and responsibilities through education.

Action: Make trainings available to Board Members.
Action: Tour Board funded treatment or recovery support facilities.
Action: Provide updated lists of providers, services and summary of services.
Action: Provide options to attend Behavioral Health trainings.
Action: Minimum 8 hours of behavioral health training per year for Board Members.

5. Increase staff workforce for special projects.

Action: Recruit intern(s) for special projects.
Action: Evaluate the need to increase staff capacity.